Securing Delivery Assessment

Securing delivery assessments by Bizmorphic ensure your CI/CD pipelines automate data security, minimizing risks associated with code dependencies.


Why ?

Wondering why secure delivery assessments are crucial for your business? Consider this: Automation in CI/CD pipelines is essential, but what about data security? Releases may introduce new databases or updated data models, making it vital to focus on securing data within these pipelines. Neglecting this aspect could lead to potential security risks, and the impact of a breach can be severe. Are your development and testing environments secure enough? A securing delivery assessment is the key to identifying vulnerabilities, securing data, and ensuring a smooth, secure flow from development to production.

Exploring the Necessity of Automated Data Security

Addressing Risks: Code Dependencies and Data Security in CI/CD


How ?

Unlock the benefits of securing delivery assessments with Bizmorphic. Reduce risks from misconfigurations, enhance resilience, and gain peace of mind. Our assessments not only address security flaws but also provide tailored recommendations to fortify your CI/CD pipelines. With automation principles like the least-privilege approach, we ensure only authorized personnel trigger pipelines, making security seamless. Integrating CI/CD with AIOps and security automation, we validate deployments, centralize operational data, and protect against threats, creating a robust security framework. Bizmorphic's approach goes beyond assessment, offering a comprehensive strategy that covers security, compliance, and operational concerns.

Automated Security for Enhanced Risk Reduction

Efficient CI/CD Management: The Bizmorphic Advantage

What ?

At Bizmorphic, we bring a three-step framework to secure your CI/CD pipelines. Starting with Security in the Pipeline (SIP), we focus on vetting code for security flaws. Moving to Security of the Pipeline (SOP), we ensure the security posture of your software delivery chain. Finally, Security Around the Pipeline (SAP) ensures that code reaching production originates from the pipeline. Our approach encompasses detective and preventative measures, addressing threats like insecure third-party code, unauthorized access, and poor identity management. Trust Bizmorphic for a holistic securing delivery assessment that ensures your business stays agile, secure, and resilient.

Data Masking and Synthetic Data: Securing Dev and Test Environments

Zero-Trust Principles: Locking Down CI/CD Pipelines for Maximum Security


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